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About The Club

About The Club

Denton Diablos FC was born when two local passionate, community-centric business leaders got together for some TX Whiskey and a Three Nations Orale at Eastside Denton in early 2018. What started as a casual conversation about their love for soccer quickly became a dream set in motion. Fast forward 8 months to mid-September 2018 and the newest community-based club in DFW was announced. Denton Diablos FC was introduced to the world at LSA Burger on the Square overlooking the historic courthouse. Originally an idea exchanged between two like-minded soccer fans, “our” club quickly became “your” club.
On May 17th 2019 the Diablos finally kicked things off with their first match in club history, one of only a handful of matches the club would drop on a way to a historic first season that saw us play our first home playoff game, finish second in our conference and place multiple players and our coach on all conference and all region teams.

We are so much more than just the team. We are our fans, we are our community, we are Denton.
We are Denton Diablos FC.

Evolution of our name

The Diablos were formed by the people. In early March 2018 Damon Gochneaur and Michael Hitchcock met at Eastside in Denton and agreed that Denton was the perfect environment for a professionally run soccer team, that could one day grow to a true Football Club. The first thing born of this new partnership was the name of the club. The Diablos name is a nod to the unique and edgy nature of Denton, and all the macarbe pieces that make Denton Unique, from the Day of the Dead Festival, to the Krampus Walk, to Goatman’s bridge and the ghost tours of the Denton Square. There’s a little bit of Diablo in all of us.

Birth of our Logo

Our initial logo designs were almost too literal, and it was multiple iterations of design before we came up with the initial versions of what you see today. We actually liked two designs so much, we thought the best option would be to let the people decide, so at our 1st ever event, a World Cup Finals Watching Party in July of 2018 we let the fans decide. Only 2-3 votes ended up separating the two options, so we decided the winner would be the crest on our jerseys, and the other shield would be used as well.

Primary Badge

Our main badge has a strong close up of our hooded figure, because from our fans, to our coaches, to our front office, to our players, we’re passionate and in your face. There’s no hiding from who we are. The three stars on the soccer ball represent the three pillars of our organiztion: For Club, For Communinty, For the Game. We’re committed to representing and growing each of those pillars in all we do.

Secondary Badge

Our secondary badge shows off the strength and attitude of the club. First and foremost, the figure is physically strong, representing the strength of the of our club as a whole, while the crossed arms let you know that we mean business.

Behind Our Colors

Black for the future of our opponents.

Red for the blood of our supporters.